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KickStart Camp's registration fee is $15 per participant - due by JULY 16. Fee includes snacks and a t-shirt.

You can pay online through Pushpay here:

Click the link above. Enter "$15" as your amount (or more, if you're registering multiple camp participants), then select "KickStart Camp Registration" from the dropdown menu, and submit!

*NOTE: If you've not already created an account with Pushpay, you may be prompted to do so. But, that's OK, because we're going to be using it a lot at FBC! :)

Once that's done, come back here and click "Continue" below.
On Wednesday, the final night of camp, we will host a Family Experience to showcase what your kids have practiced the days before.   You'll want to attend!

Students will need to arrive by 5:30pm. Family Experience will be 6-7pm, followed by a closing celebration Luau in the Fellowship Hall.
We'll see you for KickStart Camp!
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